Monday, May 14, 2012

Random Picture Blog Post

The newest furbaby in my house...Harley Quinn
That is the newest furbaby in my house. We got her as a 5 month old kitten from the Rescue Center that we got Bella from. Little did I know that naming her Harley Quinn (after Joker's girlfriend) totally fit her. Shes mischievous and gets into EVERYTHING!!! I have started calling her Spawn at times.

My Bella baby. I love that she sleeps like that.
This is my Bella baby. I adopted her at the age of 1.5 years old. First ever cat (as an adult, I had a cat named Socks as a little girl) and she does her own thing. Such a sweetheart but definetly lives by her shelter name...Miss Priss. Everything must be her way. All. The. Time. She's very very vocal about it. She also likes to steal the kitty's food so we have had to separate them to feed them. Little brat.

Rare lovable moment between them two.
If you creep around the corner very quietly when its nap time around here, you will find this. When they are awake, they fight all. the. time. But when its sleep time, those two are cuddle bugs. Its quite cute!!

There is a park literally a 5 minute walk from my house. Its beautiful. The running/walking/biking trail around it is .9 miles. I can't wait to start running there come this winter. 

Little Man's birdhouse.

My birdhouse.
Need to find a spot to hang our birdhouses that we made at N's daughters birthday party. Little Man is super proud of his. Of course, mine shows my love for Starbucks. Wonder what kind of birds we can attract...

Dear goodness, this place is heaven. Literally. Its my new found obsession while pregnant. The good thing is that its still a good 20 min drive to either location SO I don't go there daily. Because if it was in the city I live in, oh dear. That would just be bad. The best kind to get is the chocolate and vanilla swirl with kiwi and cheesecake bites.
 Great now I am craving it...


Suz and Allan said...

The kitties look so sweet sleeping together!

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