Thursday, May 03, 2012

Mommy Topic #2: Buying the Crib

Buying a crib shouldn't be stressful. It really shouldn't. I know what kind I like. I know what I want. I should be able to walk into a store and buy it right? 


When you walk into Babies R Us, there in the center of the store is all their "nursery" setups. And those cribs are BEAUTIFUL. You run your hands over the wood and look at the cute little designs and then your eyes fall on the price tag...

540$ for this beautiful bad boy...
Then add in crib mattress, then bedding and you are looking at about 1000$ for JUST the crib part of your babyhood. 

Then it hits me. They get ya with this because everyone has the perfect nursery in their head. They want it to be grand and beautiful. But honestly, does the baby really care if there are roses on the headboard? Do they care if its cherry wood or black? Heck no. That is for your pleasure purely! And with me having to buy every single other thing for this bambino/bambina, I just ain't having it! SO we put ourselves on a budget for the crib. And honestly, I am happy with it. Its more about the mattress (IMO) then if a crib is going to last you into toddlerhood. Those Lifetime cribs are beautiful yes. But the more times you move, the more destroyed they become. And we move. A LOT. 

So like the bedding, you can pick our crib. I have one in mind that I am so torn and so want. The colors at this point are flexible but thinking either all black or all espresso. Guess we shall see when it's time to buy!

Crib Option #1:

The crib, not the dresser. I love how sleek and straight it is. Very modern.
Crib Option #2:

Definetly a favorite. Wanted this crib for Little Man but got something else.
Crib Option #3:

Simple yet adorable.
So which do you think? I love them all. Can't I have one on each floor of my house? 


Sheena said...

I like number 3 the best.

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