Monday, January 16, 2012

C25K Week 2

This week was alright. But not really. Thurs and Friday was really nothing to write home about since I had Charley Horses in both calves on Thursday and then all day Thursday into Friday I had soreness. So not cool. But this is what I logged:

Week 2:
Monday: 24:39 time, 1.35 miles, 3.30 mph, 18:08 mile pace
Tuesday: 28:02 time, 1.37 miles, 2.94mph, 20:23 mile pace
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday:  1.21 miles,
Friday: 30:01 time, 1.42 miles, 2.84 mph, 21:03 pace (mostly walking, 2 60 second runs)
Saturday: 30 minutes of Simple Yoga (DVD)
Total:  5.35 miles

Thursday I didn't get my pace because I ended up having to stop with the pain and then continue. The pace is what is killing me. ITS. SO. SLOW. My friend H runs races in Colorado and she told me not pay attention to the pace at first. Just get that 3.1 miles in AND THEN worry about pace. I guess watching N run, literally RUN, 2.5 miles each day compared to my mix of walking/running at not even 1.5 miles is just disheartening sometimes. But I keep telling myself that she is leaner then me, in better shape then me, etc. So I guess I can't compare. Just be proud of myself for actually doing it again! 

I will say that I hate running on the treadmill. Facing the same white wall. Having your distance, time and pace glaring up at you. Not cool. But running outside here right now is just not a go. At all. Its been snowing here since Sunday afternoon and is supposed to continue on into Wednesday. I am from Ohio so snow is nothing to me really. But for here, its major. Little Man's school is closed. The base is on minimum manning. All. Over. Three. Inches. Yes. Three inches. Expected to get 12 in the next 72 hours. We shall see!! The bad part is the gym me and N go to, is on base. So if the base is closed, the gym is closed. And if the gym is closed, that means yet another day of not working out. Guess my yoga DVD will be getting a workout! 


Jenn said...

Everybody has to start somewhere, so don't be so hard on yourself! Your body will thank you for starting slow and easy later when it's feeling strong and confident and not injured and broken down.

I HATE seeing my times/paces on the treadmill so I've taken to putting a post-it note over those displays. Sometimes I even write inspirational crap on it. Cheesy, but it helps!

Holly said...

Totally not cheesy! That is cool! I think those inspirational quotes really help :D

Clarinda said...

I ditto everything Jenn said.

Also, do NOT compare yourself to others. There will always be someone faster than you, but that is not what is important. Do it for you and to become stronger! :) Don't worry. You'll get there. Slow and easy.

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