Monday, January 09, 2012

First C25K Week in Review

So last week was week one of me and N doing the C25K program. I love it. Its really small baby steps getting back into running and that is awesome. I was just trying to jump start back into it and that just isn't happening. I used to be a "for fun" runner way before I had my son so for me, its just getting back into it. I am wading in the kiddie pool right now. For N though, this is major. She hates running. She will say it loud and proud...she HATES running. Yet yesterday afternoon I get a text from her and I kid you not...this is what it says:

"I can't wait to go running tomorrow. I am so excited!" 

No joke. This is huge and major. And I love it. I love that she is there for me every step of the way. I love that she is my own little cheerleader. And I love that she is really excited to get into this. We are running the St Paddy's Day 5k downtown this year. It's going to be a huge accomplishment for both. But I can tell you this. I am going to be SO proud when N crosses that finish lane.

This week was nothing major. In fact, I only hit the gym twice this week. I did end up spending all day Saturday in Seattle walking around so that added some distance this week. I am being extremely hard on myself. My pace and my average time is just horrible. But I also know I can't go into this sprinting. I really want to get back into it and love it. Not hate life because running is killing me.

Week 1:
Tuesday- 23:53 time, 1.19 miles, 3:00 average speed, 19:59 mile pace
Thursday- 24:02 time, 1.20 miles, 3.02 average speed, 19:50/mile
Saturday- .4 miles
Total: 2.79 miles

Pathetic I know. But I am trying!!! This week we are doing 4 days a week, rest day will be Wednesday. Today my pace was less by a whole minute and I actually got really excited about it. I also went .50 further today too :D Baby steps people. Baby steps. 


Jen said...

Not pathetic. It's hard to restart something & you've got to start somewhere. Progress will come. Be patient and listen to your body!!!

Clarinda said...

Woot! Woot! Starting is key, and you've done that. :) Just take your time, and like Jen said, be patient.

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