Thursday, January 05, 2012

Upcoming changes.

There are two things that will be up and coming on my blog and I am actually really excited about it!!

1. My friend Heather is a chef. And from what I hear she is an amazing chef at that. I talked to her recently about doing a guest spot on my blog called Heather's Corner. She was more then happy to do it! Not sure how often Heather's Corner will be featured but it will be on a Friday, every single time. So Fridays, be it weekly, bi weekly or monthly, will be devoted to Heather. Excited to see what she cooks up for us!! (Yes, that was a good pun, I know. I'm awesome)

2. Once a month I am going to be featuring a work at home owner or small business owner. I have a ton of friends who sell things for different companies (Scentsy, 31, ItWorks!, etc) and a ton of friends who have their business licenses for Etsy. They will talk a little bit about their business, why they do it, etc etc (your basic Q&A) and who knows...might offer some of their products in a giveaway!

Very excited to be doing these two things. Getting really excited that my blog is actually expanding and while my followers might still be a "low" number compared to some, my page views are quite nice to see. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me with my blog!!!

P.S. Day two of the C25K program...hopefully tomorrow my legs aren't as sore! Any tips or ideas on how to limit the soreness?


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