Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chinese Lemon Chicken

So making my menu for the next two weeks, I found this recipe. It looked good and we love Chinese food in this house so figured it was perfect. I cooked it on high as I had to sear the meat beforehand and I ended up waking up late. So 4-5 hours on high and didn't worry about it the rest of the night. The sauce itself is really quick and easy, I ended up doubling it as I used more chicken then she called for. Little did I know that I would just HATE the taste of this.

I ended up making some rice and served it all up to Other Chef, Little Man and D. It smelled DELICIOUS. The taste though, not so much. Little Man took one bite and made a face. Other Chef was eating it but definetly taking small bites, lots of sips of water and putting his fork down a lot. The person I paid the most attention to though was D. Normally D scarfs down anything we make. He loves eating at our house. D was taking small bites. His fork was put down quite a lot and same thing, lots of water. Yup, it was nasty. So I took a bite. *shakes head* No freaking way. The sauce was just too lemony. Which is a quick fix, don't get me wrong. It was just very overpowering! But the sauce was also kinda watery, not at all thick like in the picture on her site. Like I said all easy fixes but not entirely sure we will make this one again. Probably not actually.

Looks soo good!!! 
(Ignore that awesome chipped plate up there. Apparently this particular make of the Pflatzgraff dishes don't hold up very well. You could lightly tap it on something and you get a chip. Awwwwwwesome.)

Verdict: Probably not ever again. I am not saying its horrible, I am sure someone else can make this and it be absolutely 100% delicious. But none of us liked it. :( Maybe I might make some changes another time but it really isn't one of those recipes that I want to keep making and see if I can get it right! So if you do, good luck to you and I would love to hear it came out!!

Recipe is here:

The Ingredients:

--4 boneless, skinless chicken breast pieces or equivalent
--1/2 cup flour (or Pamela's)
--1 T kosher salt
--6 oz (1/2 can) frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
--3 T brown sugar
--1 t balsamic vinegar
--3 T ketchup
--olive oil for browning chicken

The Directions:

--cut chicken into strips or largish chunks
--dredge in flour and salt, shake off excess
--brown chicken in a skillet with a bit of olive oil (you are not trying to cook the chicken--just give it some color and get the flour mixture to stick a bit)
--place into crockpot
--mix the rest of the ingredients in a separate bowl and pour over the top of chicken pieces
--cover and cook on high for 4 hours, low for 6-8

Serve over rice, drizzle with remaining sauce.


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Shame that the lemon chicken didn't work out! I've used fresh lemon juice and cornstarch as well to thicken up the sauce. Frozen lemonade concentrate is a neat idea though!

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