Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Run That Wasn't Meant To Be....

Yesterday was a rest day for me. I just kinda hung out in my jammies, did laundry, read a book, played with Little know, the usual. This morning I got up, got dressed, got Little Man off to school and we hit the gym. I got on the treadmill to some awesome tunes and finished a 5k in 14.5 minutes.

Yeah. Right.

What really happened is this...I did get dressed and got Little Man off to school. N and I did hit up the gym. I got on there, hit it at 3.0 for walking and off I went. 5 minutes went by and I started my first run at 4.6. So not really a run, more like a jog. But hey, taking this slow people! (Don't judge me :-P) Midway through my 90 second run, I feel my calves start tightening. I am thinking Oh By the time the 90 seconds are up, my calf muscles feel like lead balls on the back of my legs. I had to get off the machine and stretch out my legs, all the while in pain. I finally got the pain down to a dull and got back on. I spent the next 20 minutes just walking and stretching out my legs. :( I managed to get 1.21 miles in today but ugh. It was not a good day. So tomorrow I am going to try again. Not cool. 

Have you ever had a pain that stopped you from completing a run/workout? How frustrated do you get? What do you do to help ease the pain? 


BRiley said...

Stretching, lots of water and potassium! It’s really frustrating to have to stop a run especially when you get your mind set to do it and you are in the middle of it.
I occasionally get horrible stabbing side cramps when I run outside and it’s cold…sometimes I can’t get them to subside and end up having to just walk and feeling like it was a waste of a run. But I remind myself…hey, at least I got out and did something and gave it a shot!

Jenn╩╗s Adventure╩╗s said...

I've totally been there. My ailment is usually my calves, or one of my sides. In fact I haven't been on an elliptical in YEARS because of an unexplainable pain in my right side. Anyhoo, BRiley is right, you need LOTS of water, potassium, and the most important thing we all seem to ignore: STRETCHING. Stretching is just as important as working out itself, and in your case you clearly need to stretch PRIOR to working out as well as AFTER.

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