Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Few Things I am Learning While at the Gym

So I have been going to the gym steadily for the last two weeks and I have noticed a few things...

1. I completely hate the New Years Resolution people who will give up in a couple weeks. I really do. The gym I go to is on base and its normally really quiet. As of the first though, oh no. Its packed NONSTOP with people. And its irritating. Like yesterday for example, someone came in and sat on an exercise ball for 40 minutes and talked on her phone. Meanwhile there are people waiting to use machines and equipment. Someone obviously lied to this woman and told her you could gain muscle tone by osmosis. Apparently, me and N are doing this all wrong. We could be sitting at home and get all the training we need!

2. I check out everyones shoes. Seriously. When someone walks in, I instantly check out their shoes. Not sure why but I do. Its typically the Nike or Adidas. I have yet to see a pair of Brooks or Saucony in there. I did see a really cool pair of silver and line green Sketchers up in there. Thought those were kinda cool.

3. I am extremely self conscious while running! Am I breathing too loud? Do I sound like an elephant on the treadmill? Is my form okay? Do I look like a moron running? I can't run near a mirror. I just can't. I would see stuff bouncing around that shouldn't be. Not too appealing to me I don't think.

4. N is a BEAST. She runs faster and more. And this is coming from the woman who is all like "I hate running, grrr." Yeah umm okay. Not sure why since you are OWNING it. Think I might have to trip her during this 5k so she doesn't make me look bad.


What are some things you notice yourself doing while working out with others?


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I haven't belonged to a gym in over 5 years. I dont miss that New Years rush either.

Jenn said...

I have the same problem @ the YMCA. I LOVE my Y and they do a great job of helping our community get/stay healthy - but these people who don't know normal courtesy in the gym (i.e. no cell phones, don't leave towels all over the place, wipe down equipment, try not to fart really loud, etc.) really irk me!!

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